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A Message From Dr. Chernoff

I have the privilege of helping people overcome the scars of abuse and violence through cosmetic reconstructive surgery, laser, and scar therapy. This is an important and personal mission because violent acts, traumatic, and disfigurement are exceedingly common. Such instances have lasting psychological and physical effects with daily reminders such as scars or facial disfigurement. Victims of domestic violence suffer from painful memories of their abuse. Every glance in a mirror leaves the victim with this evidence staring her in the face.

To do my part in helping people recover, regain strength and self-esteem, I established a Foundation who’s mission is to provide treatment for people who may not have the financial means to cover the cost of reconstructive surgery and follow up wound care. I was inspired to start the foundation through helping a woman, Royia Grizzell. Royia was a victim of the 1995 terrorist attack that exploded a Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma. Royia suffered extensive facial and throat damage, with injuries so severe they left her disfigured, discarded, and with no self-esteem. For years following the attack, Royia learned how to hide. When I learned of Royia, I knew I could help uncover her inner strength and beauty using my training as a reconstructive surgeon.

Scars and facial injuries can be dramatically softened and corrected using multiple surgical and non-surgical methods. Laser Therapy is one particular method I use to stimulate the capillary blood flow of the scarred cells called fibroblasts, which create the body’s own collagen. This treatment causes new collagen to be produced under the scar until it more closely resembles surrounding normal skin. Multiple therapies combined with facial reconstruction allowed Royia to heal both on the inside and out. I am thankful that Royia and other victims can continue to benefit from my research and subsequent therapies. The scarring to Royia’s face has been dramatically reduced and Royia is gradually letting go of being a victim. Royia has healed and now educates other victims about the options they have for recovery.

Unfortunately, acts of violence and traumatic injury will continue to produce more victims. These acts have no socioeconomic or cultural boundaries, and Royia is just one of the many victims of violence in the United States. The Survivors of Violence Foundation was founded to provide reconstruction, support and hope for victims like Royia, who will be ready to face the world again. Healing through science and compassion is a privilege, and giving life back to a victim is a treasure.


Greg Chernoff, M.D.

Meet Dr. Chernoff

Dr. Greg Chernoff, BSc, M.D. F.R.C.S.(C) is a Triple Board Certified Aesthetic Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with over 20 years experience in Indiana and California. Dr. Chernoff has witnessed the physical and psychological damage caused by violence, abuse, injury, illness and disfigurement.


As a result of this experience, Dr. Chernoff connects with victims and has made it his mission to help victims heal their physical wounds. He believes that by helping to heal the physical wounds, the victim's emotional healing can begin too. 

Dr. Chernoff has extensive experience and expertise treating non-healing wounds, injuries, fractured facial bones and scars using a series of therapies. With cosmetic reconstructive surgery, laser and scar therapy, Dr. Chernoff helps heal the physical signs of injury and disfigurement. 

Dr. Chernoff
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