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Survivors of Violence Foundation

Dr. Chernoff and Royia Grizzell developed the Survivors of Violence Foundation as a result of the tragic Oklahoma bombing in April 1995. Royia, a survivor of the Oklahoma terrorist attack suffered extreme injuries to her face and neck and was referred to Dr. Chernoff by a local Oklahoma surgeon. As a result of Dr. Chernoff's extensive research on scar improvement, he provided extraordinary care for Royia's non-healing wounds and scars. 


Royia's non-healing wound and scar treatment totaled over $700,000, which Dr. Chernoff provided at no cost. Both Royia and Dr. Chernoff saw the need for domestic violence survivors to receive care and treatment for their injuries and scars. Every time Royia looked into the mirror, she was painfully reminded of the fear and trauma caused by such a heinous crime. 

Together, Dr. Chernoff and Royia formed the foundation for Victims of Violence, which has now evolved into the "Survivors of Violence Foundation" which provides care and treatment to survivors of violent acts, abuse and injuries. 

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