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Helping Survivors Through
Science & Compassionate Care

The Survivors of Violence Foundation brings
compassionate care and healing to survivors
suffering from painful physical injuries or
disfigurements caused by injury, violence, or abuse.

Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Chernoff is a dedicated and amazing physician. He gave me confidence and a new face after a terrible tragedy!"

- Royia Grizzell, Survivor

"We are honored to attend this well orchestrated event ever year and always feel great that we are not only supporting the city's finest doctor, Dr. Gregory Chernoff and his staff, yet one the most important causes we are dealing with in our society today...

Victims of domestic violence."

- Loyal Patient and Supporter

"See my scar? Me either!" 

- Jade Finley, Survivor

Healing Starts Here

Thank you for reaching out!

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